P. Cantone

Earl is someone you can always count on. He is a professional and we trust him with our customers. He always goes above and beyond. Great results, personable, and high integrity!

J. Macaluso

Earl is a true professional who gets the job done. He financed a customer of mine who purchased a machine from me in a quick and efficient manner.

J. Sinning, Titan Corp., LLC

I received the check Sat., we were on-site Monday a.m. to execute the deal, had the first load out of Minneapolis on last night and it's already half way to Salt Lake City for delivery. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for making this happen so quickly!  Your efforts are appreciated and once again have displayed that you are a key element to our success!!

N. DeMaio

I have known Earl for many years now, and what struck me immediately with Earl was the forthright honesty he always used in dealing with everyone he came into contact with. He is a hard worker, driven to exceptional levels of customer service, and wishes to further build and develop relationships with those he interacts with.