Liberty Financial has years of experience in trailer and truck financing and leasing for the following industries:

  • Transportation
  • Delivery Industries
  • Dump Truck Service

As your trucking business grows, you can look to us for all of your equipment financing, truck and trailer leasing needs. LFG provides direct financing and leasing for all types of new and used essential trucks and trailers. As an independent, direct commercial equipment lender we pride ourselves on establishing strong relationships with both commercial accounts and commercial equipment vendors. Our team of financing and leasing account managers take the time to understand how we can best support your business. Our many finance and lease options help your trucking business grow by giving you access to the equipment and trucks you need.

Why Finance or Lease Your Trucks and Trailers with Liberty?

Liberty Financial has a long history helping both small and large businesses grow by providing needed capital and financing. When you finance a truck or trailer with Liberty, your cash is not tied up in "the metal". It is free for investments that will help grow your business, produce income, and ensure the trucks you acquire earn profits. If your business is planning to acquire new trucking equipment, we encourage you to contact us for a highly competitive financing and/or leasing quote. We can help you acquire the trucks, trailers and related services you need to help your business grow.

Liberty’s standard rates are highly competitive and oftentimes even soft costs, such as training, shipping, installation, and maintenance agreements can be included in your financing package. With Liberty, you choose the type of loan or lease you need with the length that works best for you. We also offer special financing programs that can fit your needs.

Liberty Can Help With Special Financing Programs

Deferred Payment Programs – Liberty offers trailer and truck financinig programs which will reduce payments during the initial few months in order to allow your transportation-related assets to reach its full income producing potential.

Low (or No) Up-front Cost – It is Liberty's objective to assist trucking businesses in acquiring needed assets while preserving their cash flow.

Private Sales – Most lessors and truck finance companies are unable to fund private sales. However, with proper verification and documentation, Liberty is willing to fund private sale transactions.

Seasonal Programs – Liberty offers flexible payment schedules to match payments to cash flow and revenue generation.

The following is a list of trucks and trailers we finance: